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A production company with roots that date back three decades
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The Company

Riverbank Pictures is a production company with roots that date back close to three decades.

With dozens of feature films and television series to our credit, the driving forces behind Riverbank continue to conceptualize, create and execute original television programming and film projects for broadcasters world-wide.

David Mitchell, one of the founders of Riverbank Pictures, began his career in sports broadcasting, directing and producing sports television shows for CTV Wide World of Sports.

Mitchell moved into feature film production with his first feature, COPPER MOUNTAIN, starring a young Jim Carrey. This was followed by a number of feature film projects that he produced, wrote, directed or edited, including the SKI SCHOOL franchise. Since then he has produced over twenty feature films while directing eight.

Mitchell also created ALTERNATE ROUTES, a youth adventure series for OLN. The production of its 52 episodes saw the arrival of partner Francis Mitchell to the company. Francis co-created SHREDUCATION, a tween snowboard reality series sold to Disney XD for the US and across the world.

In 2008 the Mitchells wrote and directed SHRED and SHRED II, two feature film comedies about washed up snowboarders starring Tom Green and Dave England (Jackass).

As well David and Francis created a cooking show with both Chefs for TLN and the BELL NEW MEDIA FUND, called THE CHEF'S BAR. It's a throwback to the good old days of cooking shows where Rob and Craig create delicious meals for 3 guests.  Cooking, chatting, drinking and laughing is on the menu!

In summer 2014 Riverbank Pictures sold a 26 episode kids sports science series to TVO. SPORTS LAB is going to be launching summer 2015 and is sure to make it's mark on kids programming.

The family business just got bigger as Johnny Mitchell has joined the team as their writer and director. Johnny recently directed two seasons of FOOD FACTORY for Food Network and is writing and directing SPORTS LAB.

Riverbank Pictures just wrapped production on the film, DARKER THAN NIGHT, a thriller starring Bea Santos, Atticus Mitchell, Erik Knudsen and Melinda Shankar.

Let's Go!

The Shows
Feature Film - Coming in 2017

Sloan Carter is a young girl who has recently been blinded. Her father leaves for the weekend and her two best friends, returning home from University, keep her company. A protege of her father’s, passing through town, also spends the night. The peaceful weekend is interrupted by a shadowy threat and the safe country getaway turns into a fight for survival.

Coming Spring 2017 - TLN

Chefs Rob Rossi and Craig Harding embark on a epic trip across Canada discovering the food that makes the country so special.

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26 x 11 - TVO Kids

Sports Lab is hosted by Nykeem who meets kids and pros from different sports as they discover that science is all around them, including in sports. It's a celebration of sports & getting active!

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10 x 30 - Bell New Media Fund, TLN

The Chef's Bar is all about good home cooked food and life!  Chefs Rob Rossi and Craig Harding cook up amazing meals from scratch for 3 fun guests while they chat and have some laughs.

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8 x 30 - TLN, Nat Geo Asia, Back 9 Network US

The food adventure continues with both Chefs heading to the South American hotspot.  From Mendoza, to Buenos Aires to Patagonia, this is one trip they will never forget.

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8 x 30 - TLN, Nat Geo Asia, Back 9 Network US

For Chefs Craig and Rob it was a long road opening their own spots.  Now it's time for a break and head off to Italy for an epic food and wine tour.  Learn new techniques, eat with locals and throw down some epic meals.

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8 x 30 -TLN, Asian Food Channel, RTL Netherlands

After narrowing losing the first season of TOP CHEF, Rob decided to open his dream restaurant Bestellen.  It's not an easy path but Rob's talent and passion shine through the new opening adventur.

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8 x 30 - TLN, Asian Food Channel, RTL Netherlands, Air Canada

Follow top young Chef Craig Harding as he lays everything on the line to open his first restaurant in Toronto's upcoming Dundas West.

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26 x 30 - Disney XD Worldwide, MTV2 Canada, Nickelodeon OZ & NZ

A tween reality series following the coolest snowboard team in the world as they compete and have fun at the biggest snowboard comps in the world.

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52 x 30 - OLN, Travel Channel UK

Docu travel series following real backpackers discover cities for the first time as they seek adventures, the best parties and romance.

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